There are many ways to eat these veggies, or should I say berries? From drying, to smoking, to boiling, or even a light simmer could do the trick. Heck you can even eat it raw if you like. But does this berry have keep up all the promises its known for? 


We can all agree Berries are known for their incredibly powerful anti-oxidant properties, but if tomatoes are part of the same family, why does no one really rave about them as much as berries? Multiple studies have shown that tomatoes protects against sun damage to the skin. But mostly tomatoes are focused on its antioxidant lycopene which works agains heart disease and cancer.

So we know Tomatoes are not all that bad and many billions of people have eaten them. When Practicing yoga or doing any work that involves restoration of the body, a certain level of support is needed from nutrition for the body to reach its ultimate possibility and strength in regards to your individual cells from vibrating at the right pitch. Only being this sensitive to what you eat will be your natural superpower. 

Tomatoes are in-fact considered a zero Pranic food, which does not necessarily mean it is bad for you but  means your vibrancy is more prone to become lethargic. Never mind talking about its acidity and what it could do for your system if eaten too much. So to avoid turning into a couch potato, eat something with more positive pranic aspect to it. 


It is obvious that tomatoes is a lovely food source and does benefit the body in some ways, but knowing if it works for your system or not is crucial for a focused and intense yogic practice. If you would like to know more about that click on this button <button id=”typeform1″ class=”button”>The Key Assessment</button>
to know more on how you can incorporate, or even if you should be using this ingredient in your diet.


Photo credits Pexels: K Zoltan


Cooked tomatoes definitely suit the Kapha body type, but could be a bit too rough for the rest. Take care to not indulge too much or take these nutritious red berries for granted. With the right balance you can enjoy all fruits and Vegetables safely.