The love of music is known to be quite universal. A lot of people have been able to establish the connection between music and a variety of scenarios. It can easily be associated to every aspect of life including food. Food is known to have certain effects on humans and it can be a whole lot. When you take a close look at food, you come to the realisation that it is possible to make musical deductions from it especially in yoga.

In yoga, food is considered to be Devine. It’s possible to associate the sound with virtually everything in this life. To understand this requires deep insight. If you’re ready to go on this journey, you would need to prepare your mind and relax.

What is the Song of Food?

An orchestra is composed of a variety of parts that combine to produce great music. When these various parts combine, the quality of the music is always top-notch. When you’re trying to eat a meal, there are usually a number of ingredients and condiments that have different taste profiles that complement each other. It’s important that there is harmony and feels like a good rhythm in the mouth.

So, how does the combination of these ingredients relate to music? Some ingredients are heavy and some are loud like cymbals. While food like Sweet Vanilla Chantilly cream is light and aerated just like a flute. Eating a plate of food, listening to music and emotions are all felt through the senses.

Photo credits to Pexel : Jorge Fakhouri Filho


Now, when you hear your favorite song play on the radio, you’re moved to dance and may find yourself humming the tune. Also, if you hear a song you don’t like on the radio, you may move to immediately change it. This means that music has an influence on our actions. Similarly, food has an influence on the flow of the body’s chemistry.

After years of experience of working with food, I have taught myself that my contact with food should set a rhythm in my body. It enchants me in a certain way. For me, the Song of food starts even before the food gets to our table. It revolves around the plant like on the whole planet.

Composing the song

Now, you’re aware of the song of food. The plant is now on your mind. Then, you should understand that the preparation of any meal will always about the ingredients. You have to learn to each ingredient has a particular way in which they contribute to the overall rhythm of the food. Liking your food or not liking it is similar to plating your favorite music or not. It’s easy to dislike food because of the constituent ingredients used in its making.

Now, this is a normal human reaction but it shouldn’t be so. You have to teach yourself to like food based on whatever benefits it promises you. This way, you’re going to be able to dance to a rhythm that keeps you in good health.


Hearing the song

Now you have to closely pay attention to what you eat. Just like the details of the tonic solfa for an orchestra, you need to understand your meals. The feeling and rhythm which it will give you are incomparable. By sticking to making use of the details and monitoring your health, you’ll find out that some of your favorite forms of enjoyment may not be advisable for you. There’s a lot of benefits to simplicity.

Don’t be one of the people who degrade homemade food. Not everything that comes out of a fancy restaurant is good for you. However, homemade food is the best way for you to eat natural food. Natural food is the best choice for you. Next time you want to have a meal, relax and make yourself something you got from the grocery store. Get fresh groceries and foodstuffs to make fresh meals.

Press play

Now, all you have to do is enjoy the new rhythm which it gives to your body. Basically, how do they suit you? You’ll be able to decide which is the most appropriate meal plan for you. There’s no need to do anything extra, just eat your food, enjoy it and understand what it does to your body.