As much as a lot of people would prefer to believe otherwise, what we do and what we eat is usually connected to our approach to life. I have always been someone with a clear mind and who reacted spontaneously. But I always had a need to really define why I was on the earth and try to get more relevance about my activities. Well, one experience after the other helped me to shape my perspective.

Well, it all started when I fell quite sick and things kept going bad. I felt like a wreck and really couldn’t do much. Everyone was worried about my health including me. But after a few months of fighting, I managed to finally get better. All the pain I felt started to fade away slowly. Realizing that we hold dear to us can help fight anything. I’ve realized that everyone wants to feel better about themselves and healthy. This should be our focus more than anything. It will help to influence our choices and make sure that we end up looking out for ourselves at the end of the day. This way, it’s easier to stay healthy for a longer period of time.

I focused a lot on getting myself better. I started with yoga, eating right, sleeping right and slowly I was able to beat the sickness. It’s an experience which I can never forget. By learning more about the body, I was able to identify a number of illnesses that disturbed people. Also, my visit to doctors made me realize that most drugs are just there to treat the symptoms and leaves the underlying cause. Usually, it’s only a short-term fix.

Over time, I started to study these illnesses closely. I became obsessed with how the human body works. You’ll find me studying an illness for days just to find out if there’s a hidden solution. Funny enough, there actually is a solution. A lot of times we associate wellness with time. That time will heal the wounds and leave us better off. But the truth about time is that it’s never enough. Then, I realized how I could heal people by not being a doctor but a chef.

My role as a private chef can be likened to that of a nurse. Basically, the person I cooked for became like a patient to me. I looked to care for them and deal with their health with food. Without a doubt, I was going to be a helping hand; in the kitchen. But the real question was, why would people trust me? After all, I’m not a doctor but only a chef.

Now, I knew that my goal was to make sure that everyone was healthy. It was important that I was always on-hand to deal with any of the concerns of my patients and it required knowledge. So, I went in search of this knowledge. Well, it wasn’t easy but I saw myself as someone on a mission. I learned about Ayurveda (an ancient medical science/system). Fortunately for me, I was able to learn a lot from this science and even met some amazing people along the way.

As a science, Ayurveda believes that when the body is out of sync you’ll definitely fall sick. Ailments could affect your life in ways, even you didn’t think possible. That’s why it’s best to get them out of the way as soon as possible. It’s possible to get your life back on track by preparing to adapt your body to certain changes. Even if you don’t believe it, you deserve to be free of all ailments.

I want to help people get free of ailments that affect them. I will also continue to supply you with information to help you get through tough illnesses. I am definitely on a mission and ready to dedicate a lot to it. As a yogi, I’ve been able to establish a connection with food. You can be sure that I’ll show you how to be the chef that you need to be.

I’m ready when you are. Surely, you can navigate to other posts and learn. But please make sure you come back to keep learning whenever you want to know more.