Very few people understand that the human body works as tirelessly as a clock. There are different cycles that the different systems in our body carry out. Learning more about how the human anatomical clockwork will help to ensure that you can save yourself some crucial forms of energy. It’s not just about learning the anatomy of the body, you have to get familiar with how the body responses to everything.

There are so many random articles that promise a lot of things about human health. I understand that it can be quite tiring for you. By understanding what’s vital, you won’t have to take sleeping tablets or suffer insomnia or constipation. Enough with the nagging, its time to do some real work.

Now, it’s time to do away with those ailments and drugs. But, are you willing to do what is necessary for survival and normal body functioning?

Clockwork of Food

Food does a lot of important things in our lives. It’s not just that thing we put in our stomach when we’re hungry. Food does so much more. It keeps you alive and as well as influences your overall health.

Ideally, your food is meant to be made up majorly of plants. There should also be as much as 60% of raw ingredients. This means you should have things such as salad, uncooked veggies and fruits and so on. Surely, you can eat virtually anything you want but why live like that when you get so much more. Please, you should also be able to control your cravings and obsessions. Cravings and obsession mean bad and unhealthy meals. Unhealthy meals lead to healthy people and I’m sure you want to always remain in top condition.



I understand that the transition from eating chicken wings and sauce to eating veggies could be hard for you. Basically, your taste buds may instantly reject the new type of food but there are tips to help you with this. They include;

When you’re hungry, you can try eating a fruit
Try not to drink water before eating. Make sure your food has enough water content in it to ensure proper peristaltic movement in the gut.
You can schedule your breakfast to be around 11 am while your dinner is just around sunset. This would be helpful because the sun’s lighting circles have an influence on digestion.
Drink water which isn’t more than 8 degrees different from your body temperature.
Avoid meat as much as possible. To put it simply, it’s not great for your gut. Excessive consumption of meat could lead to certain ailments.

Clockwork of sleeping

Waking up at the right time has a great influence on the chemicals in the body. Surely, when you wake up and sleep at the right time every day, your body is able to maintain the right level of balance. But how exactly do you learn to sleep right?


Take a look at the following:

Naturally, your body wakes up between 4:00 – 5:30 am in the morning. Staying in bed beyond this time makes you lethargic. Try to do some exercises, brief meditation and you will be alert all through the day.
Avoid putting your body out of balance or straining yourself as it may interfere with your sleeping patterns.
Avoid strong lights at night. It may trick your body to think you’re in the day.
Do not sleep more than 8 hours. Your body will be come lethargic and loose its vibrancy when laid down horizontally for too long.

Clockwork of Stinking

What you excrete from your body matters a lot. Excretion is equally as important as sleeping or eating. The human body usually builds up waste during our daily activities. This body does its best to deal with this waste but sometimes it’s not enough.

Incorporating the right feeding pattern will make your excretion better and you have to do less work yourself. If you’re eating well, there’s lesser waste and your body is more efficient in expelling the waste. Following the other rules above will also help you a lot.

However, take note of this rule. Make sure you drink water around 30 minutes before sleeping. This will give your body just about enough time to take what it needs and get rid of the rest in preparation for sleep. Also, make sure to drink water as soon as you wake up and make sure it is in the right temperatures. It’ll help to keep normal body patterns.

Make sure to do these things in the right cycles to make them part of you. Stay healthy, alive and spread the love and beauty of your life. If you would like to know more on these structures email us diretly so we can get you in contact with the right people or places to visit.

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