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I am the Founder of The Key to Living, for Short you can just call me Ee. After many years of traveling and working as a Private Chef on ocean, sky and land, I realized how intense the world has changed in regards to food, its traditions and consumption and how great the need is for adequate sustenance or at least the knowledge of it. I have noticed everyone I meet has a question, a promiscuity that they can not help but discover and in the same breath also slightly confused because “they read something” and don’t get the full picture on what is right to eat just yet. We are here to fix that! I have traveled and prepared thousands of dishes and with great certainty can tell you exactly how, what and when to eat for effortless health. How your natural kitchen should be if you follow the sensitivity of a balanced yogic or Ayurvedic life. Im the guy who’s Job it was to serve you what you need to avoid getting sick. And then it struck me..

“If we can create a stepping stone for at least one person out there about the truth of nutrition and natural healing, then that is a life worth living.”

In short, all that is living and breathing contains a natural cycle. There are many forms of health knowledge but that is why I have selected a fantastic team that is working all over the globe to create the easy-to-access natural wellbeing platform to help your kitchen transform into a sustainable and healthy one. I am please to show you The Key To Living, embedding Certified Ayurvedic Doctors, Vedic Scholars, Private Chefs and Professional Illustrators in its foundation to successfully direct natural health and sciences at your fingertips.

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We understand being a human is not all easy, but there are ways to help the body, help the mind and eventually help everyone around you, because you have turned into such a lovely gem you see. Now is the time to get up on that horsey  ride into the sunset (with us) and look back with no remorse!

We will take you through the structures that provide the human body with enough support to run on its optimal capacity with Ancient to Modern Medical advice that is backed by Certified Ayurvedic Medical Practitioners, Updated Scientific facts and Guided by Private Chefs, to bring you closer to the products and methods you need to upgrade your kitchen to be more sustainable and introduce a healthy lifestyle. I wish you a great journey on this page, and can not wait to share all our dreams.

Your healing, helping hand.

The Key to Living

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